Wasp Nest Removal Toronto

Wasps are flying, stinging insects with smooth, often yellow-and-black coloured bodies. They have a head, a thorax and an abdomen connected by a thin waist. They have one pair of slim, membranous wings.

How to identify wasp?

Known for their painful sting, yellow jackets are much more aggressive than bees and hornets, and most reported "bee stings" may in fact be yellow jacket stings. Yellow jackets, along with other wasps and hornets, can sting multiple times and will attack people or animals for no provoked reason.

When hornets feel threatened, they can be very aggressive and deliver intense stings. Some hornets will squirt venom as a defense mechanism.

Although male carpenter bees are known to be aggressive, they do not have a stinger like the female does. The biggest problem people have with carpenter bees is when the bee burrows a tunnel into the wood of a home or building to build their nest.

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